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TEYAŞ TDV Education Investment Inc. is a Turkish Religious Foundation organization and 100% of its capital belongs to the Turkish Religious Foundation.

Since 25.05.1983, different sectors such as education, trade, food, merchandising, wood joinery and decoration, health, scalpels and marketing have been added to the activities started in the construction sector in line with the needs formed over time.

The main areas of activity of the Company are:

  • Construction
  • Trade
  • Education

TEYAŞ, which was established to serve and support the Turkish Religious Foundation and has been in existence with this awareness for up to 35 years; as a result of the evaluation of the experiences and experiences gained by taking into account the purpose of the establishment of the company at all times, today; It has proven itself with the quality of service it has provided in all of the sectors it has employed, has become branded and reliable, has taken the form of a successful and professional commercial enterprise that has taken firm steps in its trading life, operates in different sectors and increases its profitability in each of these sectors day by day.

To carry out industrial and commercial activities in order to develop, enrich and disseminate the education, culture, art and architecture of our ancient civilization in a complementary way to the mission of the Directorate of Religious Affairs and the Turkish Religious Foundation.

To be the leading company referenced in the fields in which it operates.